Student clubs and associations at Masaryk University

Masaryk University has a number of associations with a relationship to sustainability and CSR, below are medallions of selected ones. A complete list of associations can be found here.

Medallions of selected clubs and associations

Masaryk Student Union (MUNIE)

The Masaryk Student Union was founded in 2012. The main activity of the union is the organization of a wide range of cultural, sporting, social, educational and charitable events for students of Masaryk University.

Effective Altruism MUNI

Effective altruism is a global movement that seeks to use critical thinking and the scientific method to figure out how we can make the world a better place. It offers a series of sessions where participants learn how to prioritize among the world's problems, what issues seem most important at the moment, and how to help solve them.

Queer platform of Masaryk University (QMU)

QMU is an informal association at Masaryk University in Brno for LGBT+ people and people who sympathize or support them. The aim of the association is to create a platform for meeting, sharing and common experiences, to revive the community events in Brno and to inform about queer issues.

Mission of Hope

Mission of Hope was founded in 2014 with the aim of enabling as many people as possible to help wherever there is a need. It is dedicated to helping those who cannot help themselves. These are mainly children, seniors, people with disabilities or animals. Therefore, Mission of Hope's projects include Creative Activities for Children in Hospitals, Helping People with Autism, Tutoring Children from Children's Homes and Visits to Homes for the Elderly.

Otevřeno Brno

Otevřeno Brno (Brno is Open) is a student association operating at the Faculty of Education at MUNI, organizing lectures, discussions, workshops and other events mainly with educational content, but it mainly tries to draw attention to positive innovations in education and engage students in the debate about the form and necessary changes in teacher training. In 2000, for example, a course was introduced to enable tutoring of children from socially disadvantaged backgrounds.

Beautification Association of the Department of Environmental Studies

The Beautification Association is an informal association of students, alumni and friends of the Department of Environmental Studies at the Faculty of Environmental Studies of MUNI. It was founded at the end of 1999, its activities have environmental and charitable subtext (e.g. it organizes planting of flowers and bushes, etc.).

Gender centre

The Gender Centre is a student and alumni association at the Faculty of Social Sciences of the Masaryk University in Brno, loosely affiliated with the Gender Studies department, which it originally founded. GC organizes irregular lectures and discussions and film screenings with gender themes. GC also participated in the establishment of the NORA Gender Information Centre.

Zvol si info

We are interested in the media, social networks, and together we educate in areas such as disinformation, critical thinking and cyber security. We create workshops on these topics for elementary school students, high school students and their parents and teachers.



Through games we develop individual competences of media literacy - critical thinking and information verification. The graduates of our workshops are aware of the media pitfalls that await them (not only) in the online environment. At the same time, we provide teachers with a simple tool to make media education more attractive.

Security Outlines 

Student portal about security", originally " - student portal (not) only about security" is an original project of students of security and strategic studies at the MUNI FSS. The portal has been running since 2007. The primary goal of this project is to bring security issues closer to the general public and contribute to the professional debate on current security issues and public awareness in this area, which is a source of frequent misinterpretations.

Child Care Centre

The Child Care Centre was established in an effort to help parents from among the students and staff of the university. The babysitting is done by volunteers, mostly also students at FSS, or parents help each other with babysitting.


MuniMUN (Model United Nations of Masaryk University) is a student association whose main task is to organize an annual international conference simulating a real UN meeting. Over the course of one week, participants from all over the world turn into delegates and representatives of countries and NGOs and discuss topics related to current international affairs.

Student Endowment Fund of the Faculty of Arts


The MUNI Faculty of Arts Student Endowment Fund is the largest volunteer association at the Faculty of Arts, which has a history of more than twenty years. It organizes various cultural and social events, including the Lantern Parade, the multi-genre festivals SemesterStart and SemesterEnd, and smaller events such as Freeshop and others. NFS FoA MU brings together students across disciplines and also connects all FoA societies with each other.

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