Science and research

as one of the four pillars of sustainability at MU

Our goal is to contribute to solving existing scientific challenges and societal problems at the regional, national and global level. Masaryk University research teams are working in many areas directly or indirectly related to the key topic of sustainability, addressing its environmental, economic, health, social and security aspects.

In the current strategic plan, Masaryk University directly aims to contribute to solving global and local challenges through basic and applied research and the application of the results in society in the areas of health and quality of life, education, historical and cultural heritage, sustainable development, technological progress, security, rights and equality in society.

Selected key results and indicators of Masaryk University 2021+ Strategy
  • Successful implementation of a strategic development project in the field of innovations for a healthy and secure society.
  • Established high-quality university facilities connecting basic and clinical research in the field of human health and full use of the research potential of the MU Faculty of Pharmacy.
  • Targeted development of strategic research priorities based on the health, social, technical and economic challenges of society, especially in the fields of biomedicine, pharmacy, safety, health and quality of life, environment and sustainable development, with the support of artificial intelligence and synergies across the university.

Our Main Topics

  Society in Change

Masaryk University scientists are involved in dozens of European and national research projects with a direct impact on the quality of life of people not only in the South Moravian region. They cooperate with companies and state administration on many of them. These projects are open to students of all MU faculties, but also to various groups of citizens.

  Sustainable Environment

One of the most important tasks before us is to maintain a healthy environment that supports the quality of life of individuals and the long-term prosperity of society. Issues such as climate change, biodiversity, the availability of natural resources including food or the chemicalization of the indoor and outdoor environment are increasingly resonating in society.

  Digitalisation and Security

The development of information technology, digitalisation and cybersecurity, which cut across all research and education topics, is an essential part of the long-term development of a healthy and sustainable society.

Health & Quality of Life

Our focus is on the human being, his physical and mental health and quality of life. New knowledge, methods and technologies are contributing to the development of the concept of personalised and precision medicine, increasing the quality and accessibility of healthcare, as well as improving the prevention and protection of the health of individual population groups and the population as a whole.

Our projects

See what research projects implemented at MU since 2022 are contributing to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):

Key projects and cooperation

Living Lab (RECETOX)

Masaryk University prides itself on its good integration into the regional ecosystem of universities, research institutes, technology companies, industrial enterprises, as well as citizens and state administration. We are interested in families, children, adults and the elderly and their concerns. We want to be a facilitator for the effective sharing and use of all knowledge for the benefit of the lives of citizens.

Find out more:
Recetox will open a Living Lab for billion crowns

Technology transfer

In its strategic plan, Masaryk University ranks among the key measures to be implemented by 2028 increasing the application of research results by developing related services for cooperation with partners from the application sphere (i.e. industry, state administration, local government, etc.) and supporting technology and knowledge transfer, Proof of Concept projects and the establishment of spinoff companies.

The rapid transfer of knowledge into application practice has long been supported by the MU Centre for Technology Transfer. Masaryk University also takes care of the transfer of relevant knowledge into legislation and public administration, both at national and regional level.

Pillars of Sustainability at Masaryk University

Science and research are one of the four pillars of sustainability at MU. Other areas of focus are education, University environment and social responsibility.

Science & Research Education University Environment Social Responsibility

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