MUNI Strategic Plan for 2021–2028

The strategic plan of Masaryk University for the years 2021–2028 is a fundamental conceptual development document determining the direction of the University in the long term in education, research, social role, and in its infrastructure development.

The final form of MUNI's strategic plan is the result of an intensive university-wide debate, defining the University's core mission as contributing to scientific activities, educating students, and social contribution to the quality and healthy life of all generations and a free, cohesive, and secure society.

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“I believe that it is the Strategic Plan of the Masaryk University for the years 2021–2028 that creates the ideological and conceptual basis for further growth and development and shows a clear direction for our University.”

Prof. MUDr. Martin Bareš, PhD., Rector

Basis of the MUNI internal culture

The basis of the internal culture of Masaryk University is respect, freedom, and responsibility. Through the lens of the responsible functioning of the University, respect represents the foundation of internal culture, solidarity, and partnership in all negotiations, namely respect for principles establishing equality of opportunities and transparency. Freedom is the responsible choice of one's study path. Responsibility emphasizes the University's role as a co-founder of public opinion, a solver of local and social topics. Also, it represents the individual responsibility of students and staff.

Goals of implementation

MUNI in 2028

By successfully implementing the MUNI strategic plan, the University will be an inspiring community in 2028 that fully respects and fulfills social responsibility principles and contributes to the SDGs. It is an example of a responsible and demanding employer acting according to the principles of transparency, equality, and non-discrimination.

MUNI alumnus in 2028

Every graduate of MUNI perceives trends and problems in society, can think about them and formulate their attitudes, is not indifferent to the surrounding events, understands social responsibility issues and sustainable development, and is interested in being an active citizen seeking positive effect in society.

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